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What Do You Know About Tinted Moisturizer?

What Do You Know About Tinted Moisturizer? post thumbnail image

Tinted moisturizer is today’s popular foundation with a light, easy-to-apply, less greasy texture for most skin, especially oily skin, and quick summer embellishments. Today, the modern Tinted moisturizer combines beauty and skin care in a versatile product with claims of anti-aging, anti-wrinkle, anti-oxidant, no allergens, no eye irritation, high SPF, and, thanks to the use of skin care ingredients, Such as hyaluronic acid, ceramides, plant extracts, multivitamin ACE, flavonoids, polyphenols, etc., so that the product also has a certain role in moisturizing skin care.

1. Product efficacy

It forms a smooth covering layer on the surface, to cover up or hide some facial defects, such as freckles, acne, and scars, adjust skin texture, color, and luster, plays the role of uniform skin tone, makes skin tone look natural and appropriate, but also have a smooth feeling, with easy to smear, uniform distribution, with the characteristics of natural appearance.

2. Main ingredients

Commonly used raw materials include petroleum jelly, liquid paraffin, lanolin, and its derivatives, vegetable oil, silicone oil, and other oily raw materials, ethanol, glycerin, propylene glycol, and other water-based raw materials and surfactants, as well as talc, titanium dioxide, metal soap, and other powder raw materials and pigments, dyes.

3. Use it correctly

For use after daily skin care, as the first step in makeup, choose the Tinted moisturizer with skin tone, pay attention to the right amount, and apply a small amount evenly on the cheek, nose, forehead, jaw, etc., from the inside out and the top down on the whole face, ears, and neck with the help of fingers, sponge or special foundation brush. Apply or pat to get even and natural makeup. Finally, pat the whole face with the sponge evenly to improve the adhesion of the foundation. Dry and wet foundation on makeup, dry first from the “T” part, from the inside out to push evenly, also suitable for makeup.