Feedback Frenzy Fashion Tips On Buying And Choosing Scrunchies

Tips On Buying And Choosing Scrunchies

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With the change in fashion trends, people pay more and more attention to hair. To make the hair fashion sense improve, will also use a variety of hair accessories to serve as a foil. However, there are a wide variety of hair accessories on the market, and different styles of hair are suitable.

The choice of hair accessories can directly affect the effect of a person’s whole set of collocations, so learning to choose a suitable for their hair accessories, of course, is self-evident. In addition to the collocation of hair, and face shape, but also in line with the overall collocation of the style. There are a variety of scrunchies on the market, with different styles. Here are some tips on buying and choosing scrunchies.

1. Do not choose rubber bands with obvious seams, which will be disconnected within a few days of use. As shown in Figure 1, girls with a lot of hair, who want to make a small shape and use improper force when tying, will be disconnected and will bounce to their hands, even if the seams are wrapped. The stretching power is not strong, the use is not good, and pulling hair is called more.

2. Select a small rubber band with high elasticity and no seams. The material is a little like a scrunchie with a soft cloth. It feels good to use. It is a small rubber band that I often buy every day

3. Less hair, and want to feel more hair, you can use the outside world to increase the number of small items, like wig pieces we all know, choose in the hair of its color similar hair pieces, then, back to the point, hair increase, and do not want to pull the hair, first choose I recommend phone line scallop, he has different sizes, personal recommendation Figure 3, so big, small pulling force, Medium stretch, light, with this ponytail will feel your hair volume increase.