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The 8 Best Geologie Body Washes For Every Skin Type

The 8 Best Geologie Body Washes For Every Skin Type post thumbnail image

Looking for a high-quality body wash that cleans without drying or irritating? Check out these top picks from Geologie’s collection of thoughtfully formulated washes.

1. Acne Control Superclean Body Wash

If you struggle with body breakouts, this acne-fighting wash is for you. It contains 2% salicylic acid to penetrate pores and clear acne, while natural ingredients like aloe vera soothe skin. The refreshing eucalyptus scent wakes up your senses.

2. Moab Superclean Body Wash

Escape to the desert with this body wash inspired by Moab, Utah. Infused with a woodsy cypress and cedar scent, it uses gentle cleansers like coconut-based surfactants to wash away dirt without stripping your skin. The Moab wash is available as a bottle or reusable pouch.

3. Hana Superclean Body Wash

Bring a taste of Hawaii home with the Hana body wash. It contains moisturizing monoi oil, derived from Tahitian gardenias, to nourish skin while washing. The delicate blend of citrus, coconut, and floral notes will transport you straight to the islands.

4. Big Sur Superclean Body Wash

Inspired by the rugged California coastline, this Big Sur body wash awakens the senses with an invigorating eucalyptus mint scent. The certified organic formula uses plant-based cleansers and antioxidants like green tea to gently purify skin.

5. Moab Body Bundle

Get the full Moab body care experience with this bundle containing the signature body wash, bar soap, and body lotion. With coordinating woodsy scents across the set, it’s an easy way to care for skin from head to toe.

6. Bodycare Bundle

Try a trio of Geologie’s most nourishing washes and lotions with this set. It includes body care favorites like the moisturizing Hana body wash and soothing Eucalyptus Mint lotion. The perfect way to sample different scents and textures.

7. Hana Body Bundle

Transport yourself to the tropics with this Hana bundle. It brings together the bright and coconutty body wash, bar soap, and body lotion for head-to-toe softness and moisture. An easy set for updating your daily routine.

8. Superclean Body Wash - Party Pack - Bottle

Create your own perfect pair by choosing any two body washes to bundle. Mix and match different scents and formulas like the clarifying Acne Control wash and rich Hana body wash. It’s the ideal way to try new options.

With options tailored to every preference and need, Geologie’s body washes make showering a luxurious, skin-nourishing experience. Treat yourself to one of these thoughtfully crafted washes for a boost of scent and softness.