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Intimacy & Pleasure Products For Mindful Sexuality

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Foria Wellness offers a thoughtful collection of intimacy and sexual wellness products designed to enhance pleasure, arousal, and connection for couples. Their collection features CBD and botanical formulas to support mindful sexuality. Here are 8 highlights from their Intimacy & Sex offerings.

1.The Honeymoon Set - Romance Bundle for Couples

The Honeymoon Set bundles Foria’s top intimacy products into a romantic package for couples. It includes their CBD-rich Awaken Arousal Oil, sensual Intimacy Sex Oil, and delicate Intimacy Melts suppositories. These complementary products awaken the senses, enhance natural lubrication, and promote relaxation and pleasure. A perfect gift for honeymoons, anniversaries, or spicing things up in the bedroom.

2.Awaken Arousal Oil with CBD - Heighten Sensitivity

Awaken Arousal Oil is designed for women to enhance sensitivity and pleasure during intimacy. This top-selling oil contains broad-spectrum CBD blended with vanilla bean, cinnamon oil, and other botanicals. It’s formulated for the female anatomy and to optimize absorption. Massage 8-12 drops onto the clitoris, labia, and vaginal opening 15 minutes before playtime. Awaken melts into the skin to relax the body and awaken mindful arousal.

3.Awaken Arousal Oil with Organic Botanicals - All-Natural Sensation

The botanical version of Awaken Arousal Oil provides the same arousal and relaxation benefits without CBD. It’s an all-natural topical oil made with certified organic coconut, sunflower, and jojoba oils infused with vanilla bean, cinnamon, cardamom, and peppermint. The invigorating scent and silky formula help awaken the senses for enhanced intimacy. Perfect for those looking for an all-natural sensual enhancement oil.

4.Intimacy Melts with CBD - Suppositories for Soothing Warmth

Intimacy Melts are dissolvable suppository capsules that promote relaxation and increase blood flow. These intimate melts contain 60mg of broad-spectrum CBD along with cocoa butter and organic coconut oil. Insert one capsule 15 minutes before intimacy for a soothing, warming sensation. As it melts, CBD and organic oils coat delicate tissues to enhance comfort and pleasure. An easy, mess-free way to introduce CBD intimacy products.

5.Intimacy Sex Oil with CBD - Natural Sensual Lubrication

Foria’s Intimacy Sex Oil is a date night essential. This CBD-rich oil provides natural lubrication while heightening sensation and pleasure. Sunflower, coconut, and jojoba oils create a silky smooth glide. Broad-spectrum CBD relaxes tissues and carries botanicals deep into the skin. Clove and ginger extracts ignite heating and cooling sensations, while vanilla bean enhances the mood. Apply 4-8 drops 15 minutes before playtime for an allover body and massage oil.

6.Intimacy Breast Oil with Organic Botanicals - Pamper and Delight

Show your breasts some love with Foria’s nourishing botanical breast oil. This delicate formula contains USDA-certified organic sunflower, coconut, and jojoba oils blended with vanilla bean, murumuru butter, vitamin E, and passionflower. Gently massage the breasts and nipples to promote circulation and sensation. The quick-absorbing oil leaves skin silky, while botanicals provide pampering warmth and relaxation.

7.Melt into Pleasure Bundle - Intro to Foria Intimacy

The Melt into Pleasure bundle offers a nicely discounted intro to three of Foria’s most popular intimacy products. It includes their Awaken CBD Arousal Oil, Intimacy CBD Sex Oil, and Intimacy Melts with CBD. Used together, these complementary formulas help relax the body, increase blood flow, enhance natural lubrication, and boost sensitivity. A great way to experience the benefits of CBD and botanicals for intimacy.

8.Wellness Tonic with CBD + Awaken Arousal Oil

Foria’s Wellness Tonic supports overall well-being in tandem with their awakening CBD arousal oil. The tonic contains broad-spectrum hemp CBD blended with adaptogens like ashwagandha and Shatavari plus MCT oil. It helps manage stress and anxiety that can hinder sexual function and enjoyment. Paired with Awaken Arousal Oil, it’s a soothing combo to quiet the mind and awaken the body for sensual play.

Foria Wellness offers a thoughtful approach to intimacy, blending botanicals and cannabinoids into products designed for female pleasure and arousal. Their collection enables women and couples to explore sensual enhancement and mindfulness.