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How To Choose Touch Screen Gloves

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Because of the cold weather, most of us wear gloves outdoors, and the touch screen on the phone doesn’t work well with gloves on. Touch screen gloves, to a large extent, for us to solve this problem. How to pick out touch screen gloves, I will show you.

1. Woolen fabric: The most accurate but not durable

touch screen gloves are mainly made of woolen fabric and leather. Woolen touchscreen gloves are the most common and not expensive, usually, tens of yuan can be bought. It is relatively accurate because it can be tightly wrapped, but disadvantages include pilling, lack of durability, and a single-layer design that does not keep you warm.

When shopping for touch screen gloves, we recommend looking at more expensive, high-quality models, such as integrated honeycomb touch points on the wool surface, which not only provide better operation but also provide more warmth.

2, leather: the most beautiful but with poor accuracy

Leather gloves are the most fashionable style and are relatively windproof and warm. Their shortcomings are also more obvious, which is to let the fingers a lot thick, unable to achieve accurate operations such as typing. In other words, the leather touch glove can be used to slide unlock, dial, etc., but for texting, it’s better to use a voice assistant or dictation function.

3. Multi-functional type: suitable for outdoor sports

Like skiing and other winter outdoor sports friends can consider multi-functional touch gloves, These kinds of gloves are usually relatively large in volume, and the use of high-tech composite materials can achieve good wind protection, a warm effect. But obviously, its precise operation is not excellent. In this case, some flexible designs are more useful, such as a double-layer finger overlay with conductive wool inside and a flexible overlay that can be pulled on or off to meet the needs of both sports and mobile phone use.