Feedback Frenzy Fashion 7 Sensual Bundles & Gifts For A More Pleasurable Life

7 Sensual Bundles & Gifts For A More Pleasurable Life

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Looking to add more pleasure and intimacy to your life or relationship? Foria Wellness offers thoughtfully curated bundles and gifts featuring sensual wellness products designed to awaken arousal and heighten sensation. Here are 7 of their most popular bundles and gifts for a more passionate and connected experience.

1.The Honeymoon Set

The Honeymoon Set is the ultimate romantic getaway kit. It includes Awaken, Foria’s CBD arousal oil, and Explore their water-based silicone lubricant. Awaken is formulated with broad-spectrum hemp CBD and synergistic botanicals to enhance sensitivity and pleasure while decreasing tension. A few sprays of this aromatic oil amplify sensation and arousal. Paired with the incredibly smooth glide of Explore lube, the Honeymoon Set is perfect for newlyweds or couples looking to reconnect and rediscover each other intimately.

2.Cramps Be Gone Kit

For those who experience menstrual discomfort, the Cramps Be Gone Kit offers natural relief. It contains their topical vaginal suppository Foria Relief and the oral tincture Foria Calm. Foria Relief combines full-spectrum hemp CBD with organic cocoa butter and soothing botanicals to reduce cramps and restore comfort internally. Foria Calm is an adaptogenic tincture with CBD, ashwagandha, and lemon balm to promote whole-body relaxation when taken under the tongue. Together this duo eases menstrual pain and tension.

3.The Quickie Kit

Bring passion and intimacy into even the shortest windows of alone time with The Quickie Kit. Designed for busy couples, it contains single-use packets of both Awaken arousal oil and Explore lubricant. With no cleanup required, a few sprays and pumps are all it takes to heighten the pleasure of any quick encounter. Combining CBD and botanicals to increase sensitivity and relaxation, this kit allows you to make every precious moment together count.

4.Melt into Pleasure Bundle

The Melt into Pleasure Bundle includes Foria’s two most indulgent intimacy enhancers: Awaken arousal oil and Explore silicone lubricant. Awaken primes the body for intimacy by enhancing blood flow to increase genital sensitivity. A natural aphrodisiac, it allows you to be fully present. Paired with the velvety glide of Explore lube, it helps you both melt into each pleasurable sensation. This combo is perfect for a leisurely evening of sensual connection.

5.Awaken + Lube Bundle

Another pairing of Foria’s arousal-boosting products, the Awaken + Lube Bundle contains their signature CBD intimacy oil and Explore lubricant. A few sprays of Awaken on the vulva and clitoris enhance sensation by supporting pelvic blood flow. Its aphrodisiac blend allows you to relax into arousal and diminishes tension or discomfort. Explore lubricant reduces friction and irritation while leaving skin silky smooth. This bundle provides all you need for a satisfying sensual experience.

6. Foria Gift Card

Not sure which product or bundle is right for your special someone? A Foria gift card allows them to choose their own intimate wellness adventure, whether that’s enhancing arousal, easing period cramps or experimenting with new sensations. Foria offers gift cards in several pre-loaded amounts, beautifully packaged in a mylar envelope. Give the gift of sensual wellness and pleasure this season.

Whether you’re looking to boost intimacy, ease discomfort, or explore new sensations, Foria Wellness offers thoughtfully formulated products and bundles. With their high-quality botanical ingredients, they provide natural ways to awaken arousal, heighten pleasure, and feel more connected.