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8 Trendy Necklaces For Women Made By Mary

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Necklaces are the most widely used accessory among women, nowadays. They can be used as everyday accessories or for special events, like parties, galas, or weddings. They can be showy or minimal depending on your style or what you pair with them. Made by Mary provides a variety of unique necklace designs that can make your look stand out. Here is a list of their best 8 trendy necklaces.

1. Poppy Choker Necklace

Available in gold, silver, or rose gold, Poppy Choker Necklace is versatile, elegant, and stylish. It is made of a series of circles linked together to create a modern look that symbolizes the connection between past and present. The length of the chain is either 13″, 14″, or 15″ with an option for a 1.5″ extender.

2. Crescent Turquoise Necklace

A classic Gold Vermeil necklace featuring a crescent of 5 beautifully formed turquoise stones in the center, it is no wonder why this piece can easily make you stand out. You can either wear it on its own or combine it with other turquoise pieces to create an ultimate blue statement.

3. Sweetheart Initial Necklace

A fully personalized necklace featuring a large heart in the center of an adjustable chain, where the initial of your name or your lovely one’s name can be engraved, the Sweetheart Initial Necklace comes in three available colors and materials. Moreover, it has the option of adding 5 more fully customizable sweethearts in the center.

4. Lace Lariat Necklace

Made of 14k Gold Filled Color, the Lace Lariat Necklace is perfect for creating the ultimate everyday look. It features a y-neck silhouette and a delicate 4” drop that make it stand out from traditional chokers. It is both discreet and shiny, making it easy to wear and match with different looks.

5. Pearl Choker Necklace

If you wish to combine the traditional beauty of a serene pearl with the modern design of a choker, then the Pearl Choker Necklace is a great choice. It is available in a Gold Vermeil color and features a 14” chain length with a 1.5″ extender. This super-feminine piece promises to dress up your every outfit.

6. Afterglow Gemstone Necklace

An 8mm semi-precious gemstone made of a golden honey color makes this necklace unique and perfect for every strong and spirited woman. The 14K Gold-Filled Chain is available in either 16” or 18”-long. The necklace looks great on its own, however you can also, match it with other pieces, like the Satellite Choker.

7. Birth Flower Stacker Necklace

Available in 14k Gold Filled, Sterling Silver, or 14k Rose Gold Filled color, this necklace features Birth Flower stamps and can be customized. You can add up to 4 discs, and choose between 3 colors. Its disc measures 3/8″, whereas the length of the chain varies between 16″-18″ or 20″-22″.

8. Pearl Cluster Pendant Necklace

Another beautiful choice based on the charm of white pearls, the Pearl Cluster Pendant features a lobster clasp closure and 3 beautiful freshwater pearls. It is a delicate and stylish necklace, suitable for creating everyday outfits, as well as for special occasions. Match it with pearl earrings to create the perfect natural look.